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2020 New Year Stay

There is one week left to 2020, how is your 2019? Did you achieve your goal or still in the process? Year is going fast and fast, write down your goals and don’t hesitate to make them come true. Like losing weight, ‘fatten’ your wallet, and lastly, don’t forget to spend more time with your family and friends. Start planning a group gathering now. Here’s are a few stays that we think you may interest:

1.Kayangan Villa @ Klebang

Let’s plan a BBQ gathering in Kayangan Villa. It can fit more than 10 people. Suitable for celebration, gathering and party in this 3-level huge and spacious bungalow. Join your friend or family for a day trip. (Photo is swimming pool at clubhouse)

2.Zoo Villa @ Ampang

Very near to Zoo Negara. When was the last time since you tasted home-cooked meal by your family? Don’t worry, this Villa has a full set of kitchen equipment for you to cook. Also, don’t miss out of the indoor swimming pool with a 180-degree forest view. Sometimes if you are lucky, you may see some “special guests” which are the monkeys outside the building.

3.Red house @ Bukit Tinggi

Are you a nature lover and love hiking? Are you tired of the fast paced city life? Why not escape to a place surrounded by the natural breeze? Red house is the perfect place for you to free out your mind. Look what nature has gifted us, the cloud sea and galaxy view. Take a deep breath, enjoy the waterfall and have a fantastic moment with your family or friends.

2020, New trip, New Start. Plan your trip with Studiobnb by Cobnb.

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