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4 Historical Buildings Must Go In Malacca

Melaka is a well-known historical place in Malaysia. Many history occurred here. Culture and historical buildings came into being, like St.John’s Fort, Baba&Nyonya Museum, Maritime Museum, and St. Paul’s Church.

1.St.John’s Fort

Five real forts stand behind the wall. This building was built-in 18century in order to prevent land attack. Its architecture structure based on Laterite stone and bricks. We can see the Melaka Strait through the upstair wall.

Photo Credit: abbyrussel

2.Baba&Nyonya Museum

The Chinese and Malay were married and their posterity born, we called the boy “Baba” and the girl “Nyonya”. Different race combine and new culture was born. This museum mainly describes this culture-specific.

Photo Credit: babanyonyamuseum

3.Maritime Museum

This is a museum that sailboat outlook. The exhibition included Melaka’s history lifestyle, Malay poetry (Pantun) and others. We can deeply understand the life of ancient people, and what influencing the culture birth.

Photo Credit: topeth

4. St. Paul’s Church

This church was built in 1521. It built on St. Paul’s Hill. This building was affected by history, become ruins. St Francis Xavier‘’s statue stand in front of the church. In some of the legend, St Francis Xavier’s right hand was bumped down by the branches. Other legend said the statue was built with no right hand. Which is your preference?

Photo Credit: japerb

Malaysia’s history is interesting, right? Go there and deeply take a look now.🏃🏃

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