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5 Best CNY Decoration in Klang Valley

Happy Chinese New Year to all! Are you ready for the celebration? Let’s take a look at the shopping mall decoration.

1.Mid Valley- LEGO CNY 2020

Photo Credit: Mid Valley Megamall

Mid Valley has cooperation with LEGO this year. They are combining the LEGO and CNY elements to make the atmosphere enjoyable and cheerful. It is suitable for LEGO lovers because there are not only LEGO decoration, they also provide LEGO toys for kids to play. For example, people can DIY their own-creative LEGO on the billboard of LEGO basement. Also, there are 12 Zodiac signs LEGO, do you want to snap a photo with yours?

2.Sunway Pyramid- Bank Of Fortune

Photo Credit: Sunway Pyramid

If you go to Sunway Pyramid at night, you may be surprised of the LED lighting decoration on the road. They were shaped in traditional Chinese coin. The coin means money. That matches their theme “Bank Of Fortune”, it is an implication that people will be earning more money in the coming year.

3.Sunway Velocity- Bank of Abundance

Photo Credit: Sunway Velocity Mall

Sunway Velocity has reappeared as a traditional Chinese village in the shopping mall. The decoration is acting as a harvest season in the past century. The harvest abundance is a good wish for the coming year. Are you willing to come here and embrace the cheerful atmosphere?

4.Berjaya Time Square- A Spring Of Prosperity

Photo Credit: I love Malaysian Food

Berjaya Time Square is decorated with cherry pink and red colors. The colors are totally Insta-worthy, right? Join your friends and family to snap your Chinese New Year profile picture. “A Spring Of Prosperity” is the theme this year. It’s an implication that this year will be a prosperous year as possible.

5.Pavilion- Mickey Mouse

Photo Credit: I love Malaysian Food

Mouse is the Zodiac signs of this year. Pavilion has decorated the mall with Mickey Mouse. There are a pair of Mickey Mouse at the center. Also, the lanterns have a layout with mouse shape on the ceiling. Are these Mickey Mouse your favorite?

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