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5 Best Places To Watch Sunrise/Sunset

To all who love to chase sunrise or sunset, you must not miss these places. The early bird catches the worm, wait for the beautiful moment. Below are some catches points to refer

1. Heli Lounge Bar

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You can enjoy the sunset not only on the top of the hill but also here – Heli Lounge Bar. Enjoy a wonderful sunset with some snacks or drinks with your loved one. Note that the bar opens at 6:00 p.m. and then turns into more of a nightclub at 9:00 p.m.
Location: Menara KH

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2.Broga Hill

Broga Hill is one of the best places to hike within the easy range of Kuala Lumpur and nearby Negeri Sembilan. It is only 400 meters high which can easily be climbed in an hour. Suitable hiking place with family in the weekend

3.Bukit Tabur

Image from Tripadvisor

Bukit Tabur is located in Hulu Gombak Forest Reserve. It is divided into the eastern and western section by the dam, with four discrete trails: Bukit Tabur West, Bukit Tabur East, Bukit Tabur Far East and Bukit Tabur Extreme. The most common and longest route is situated behind Zoo Negara, at a clearing along Jalan Taman Zooview.
Location: 3°14′5″N 101°44′52″E

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4.Malacca Straits Mosque

Located at Melaka driving distance from Jonker Street around 40minutes. Choose a seat and wait for the time to catch the sunset moment. For respect, if you want to visit the mosque remember to wear proper attire.

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5.Karak Seacloud

You must not miss this Karak nature trekking nearby Bentong, Pahang. If you’re lucky you can see the sea cloud early in the morning and wait for the sunrise. Not only for jungle trekking but also get exercise here.

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Start to plan trekking now with your friends or family. Feel free to share with us your experience below the comment.

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