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5 Places To Enjoy Malacca Vacation

1.Klebang Beach Melaka

Today, I am going to intro a beautiful place in Melaka. Klebang Beach Melaka. We called it “The Malaysia Desert”. The white sand accumulation beside the beach take shape form one hill to another hill. Interesting, don’t challenge the hill by your Myvi, it may strand you in the sand all day. There is a place where makes you surprise.

Photo Credit: sherylxl
Address: Jalan Klebang Besar, Melaka 75200, Malaysia
Operation time: Full-hours

2.Coconut Shake Original Pantai Klebang

Besides Klebang Beach Melaka, a recommendation special beverage “Coconut Shake” is helps to quench your thirst. Vanilla ice-cream top on the coconut milkshake, more than quench thirst, it will give you a difficult fresh feeling. Hot summer day, why not?

Photo Credit: felicitiedang
Address: Bas cafe m8 Dataran 1 Malaysia
Operation time: Wednesday-Monday(10am–7pm)

3.Bustel Tarik Pelancong

Bustel means “bus” and “hotel”. The retro-style bus queue one by one beside the Klebang Beach Melaka become a tourist. People can sit inside and take a meal or sleep like a hotel. Retro-style bus is a good picture capture place, although you don’t want to sleep inside as well.

Photo Credit: farhanayussuf
Address: Jln Pantai Klebang, Klebang Besar, Melaka
75250 Klebang Besar, Melaka, Malaysia

4.Muzium Kapal Selam/Submarine Museum

The Submarine museum, called “ Muzium Kapal Selam” in Malay language. The museum was spent RM12.6 Million to build. The main exhibition is the submarine which weighs one thousand and three hundred tons. It was the Royal Malaysian Navy’s training submarine.

Photo Credit: shazmitito
Address: Unnamed Road, Malacca
Operation time: Monday-Sunday (10am–7pm)

5.Melaka 3D street art

Time to collect the street art photos in Melaka. Yeah, this amazing colorful street art wall in Melaka. The street art included Malaysia culture, we can how many cultural elements inside the street art.

Photo Credit: johndomine1
Address: Jalan Tukang Besi, 75200 Melaka
Operation time: Full hours

Jom, Malacca trip now. Enjoy your weekend here with your beloved ones.

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