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5 Snack Food Restaurants In Eko Cheras

Are you a snack lover?  Here are several snack restaurants that you must try in Eko Cheras. 

1.Devil Chicken Malaysia

Photo Credit: leederek356

When you see the black devil logo, you have arrived at the Devil Chicken shop. The famous fried chicken in Taiwan night market, you can enjoy it at Eko Cheras now. The crispy crust and juicy chicken are a perfect combination, you can’t stop when you have your first bite. They use their own secret receipt to cook the fried chicken.

2.Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks

Photo Credit: tiewboonching

If fried chicken is not your thing, you can try Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks. This restaurant does not only offer XXL crispy chicken but also the Taiwanese tasty snack like crispy floss egg crepe. If you are Taiwan snack lover, this may be your paradise.

3.Mykori Dessert Cafe 

Photo Credit: mykoridessertcafe

We have been eating ABC shaved ice for all this while, it is time for a change. How about Kakigori? Kakigori is the name of a premium shaved ice dessert in Japan. Mykori cafe offers various flavour of Kakigori like watermelon Kakigori, mango cheese Kakigori, and so on. Why not get yourself a fresh breeze in the hot weather.


Photo Credit: nanabebu

Aboong is originated from the Korean sound of “아붕”. It serves the fish-shaped waffle cone with frozen yogurt ice-cream filled. This combination lets you enjoy the crispiness of waffle and softness of the ice-cream at the same time.

5.Chicken Plus

If you like Korea flavored fried chicken snacks, this is a good choice. Chicken Plus offers boneless fried chicken snacks with various tastes like Creamy Onion Sauce, Soy Sauce, and so on. Also, you can enjoy other Korean meals here, like Rabboki, Bingsu, and others. Korean’s food lovers must not give up this restaurant.

Are you ready to get some snacks?

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