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5 Things to do in Cameron Highland

Cameron Highland

Cameron Highland is also one of the best places to escape from the warm and humid weather in Malaysia. With the cold weather up there, you could enjoy going around all the places without getting sweat. Isn’t it lovely? Slow down your steps and feel the natural atmosphere and beauty here to heal your soul and relax your mind.

Tour at the Boh Tea Plantation

Boh Plantation
Image Source: JomJalan

The Boh Tea Plantation had provided a good spot to visit and take instagrammable photos, you could also find delicious cakes and teas as high tea to fill your afternoon leisure time with the view of mountains at the Boh Cafe. You could also find Nasi Lemak Cake, several types of teas  here. Other than that, you could also visit the factory and get to know how the Boh tea is being produced. Tips: the view on top of the Boh Tea Plantation is priceless. 

Location: 4.5168624,101.412743

Feel the natural beauty in Mossy Forest

Mossy Forest

Image Source: Pinterest

The new attraction spot, Mossy Forest in Cameron Highland is also worth a visit. It is a place that is like a Worldly Paradise. You could find rare wild plants here, like the wild lily, nepenthes, and the mossy inside would make you feel you are not in Malaysia, but a place like heaven. You could even have a chance to find rafflesia, the World’s largest flower in the Mossy Forest. Here would also be the best spot to take instagrammable photos, OOTD and also wedding photos. The enchanting view and atmosphere will give you an illusion that you are in paradise.

Location: 4.5242225,101.3797384

Entrance Fee: 

Malaysian: Adult RM10 Child under 12 RM5

Foreigner: Adult RM30 Child under 12 RM5

How to get there: you could drive by yourself with a 4WD along the pathway, or go with a tour guide that you could book reservations in hotels. 

Pasar Malam/ Pasar Pagi in Cameron Highland

Pasar Malam/Pasar pagi in Cameron highland
Image Source: Ibu Syurga

At the Pasar Malam and Pasar Pagi in Cameron Highlands, you could find the freshest vegetables and fruits. Besides, you could also find a lot of snacks inside, like sugar-coated fruits, chocolate-coated fruits, steamed sweet potatoes, and so on. For me, the favorite would be buying a box of strawberries and a pack of honey sticks and eating them together, it would make the strawberries much nicer than eating it alone. Strawberries and honey are the perfect matches. The steamed sweet potatoes here are also worth a try, having warm steamed sweet potatoes in the cold weather could heal your soul instantly.

Pasar Malam Golden Hill: 4.4876162,101.3708972 

Pasar Pagi Kea Farm: 4.5035801,101.404801

Ee Feng Gu Bee farm

Bee Farm
Image Source: TravelWithSun

In this farm, you’ll be able to see more than just honey. Royal jelly and pollen are also the products of this farm and they are constantly in demand in Malaysia. Be sure to visit one of the well known Pahang attractions when you’re in Cameron Highlands. It provides great information about the bees, how honey and other products are processed and a beautiful complimenting landscape.

Location: 4.508863,101.4064863

Strawberry farm

Strawberry Farm
Image Source: Sweet Corn at Cameron Highlands

There are several strawberry farms in Cameron Highlands, you could visit any one of them to experience picking strawberries by yourself. In a strawberry farm, you could pick the strawberries directly from the plant, to make sure the strawberries are fresh enough. Other than that, you could also find foods and beverages that are made by strawberries in those farms, some of them would be unique and special that couldn’t be found elsewhere. 

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