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6 Most Incredible Hotel In The World

Feeling bored with normal life? Let’s sweep them away! The imagination hotel in the fact.

1. Motor Lover heaven- V8 Hotel

Specially designed for automotive enthusiasts, all your dream cars inside this hotel. You can find 26 individually designed and completely unique theme rooms. There is a reason than one night-stay may not enough for you.

Photo Credit: patotra

2. Travel with dog- Dog Bark Park Inn

60 different breeds and poses of dogs had made by folk-art style wooden carving. The artist Dennis Sullivan & Frances Conklin spent 18 months on building and developing this Dog Bark Park. The Park had won the Take Pride in Idaho Cultural Tourism Award in 2003.

Photo Credit: fiftystatesoneda

3. Frozen is coming!- Hotel de Glace

Show and ice’s kingdom, will you meet Elsa inside? This is the only ice hotel in North America, they will open on January 2, 2020. You can explore the magical ice and snow sculptures inside the exhibitions. Also, go to the Ice Bar and get a cup of drink that the cup made by ice is a cool idea, isn’t it?.

Photo Credit: carolineherrick

4. Fairy’s place- Dao Anh Khanh Treehouse hotel

Real fairy treehouse in Vietnam. It seems very near Malaysia. Have a fresh break here is a good choice for a short vacation. Left the city, recharge yourself, head your inside soul.

Photo Credit: maluveltze

5. Under the sea- CONRAD MALDIVES

Maldives, a famous tourist place in the world. I believe you had known this place. If not? That is ok, I introduce to you now. An undersea glasses restaurant, you can have a sweet meal with your family and the shark too.

Photo Credit: conrad_maldives

6. Robot century- Henn na Hotel Nagasaki

If you prefer a real human service rather than a robot, this place might not suitable for you. There are all robot servicer here! Robot dragon, robot waiter, robot reception and other robots. Robot and human, which is your favorite?

Photo Credit: c_a_m_p_a

Which style of hotel do you prefer?MYR

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