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Are You Still Booking Homestay Via Online Travel Agencies (OTA)?

As we know OTA is a middle platform to help people find a cheaper and quality short-term homestay. OTA is well known in the world, like Malaysia, China, Germany, and other countries as well. Do you know how this platform determines its room price? Are you getting the best value for your travel budget?

Let’s look at the price determined on the OTA platform. For example, we will see the original price is RM179 with a huge discount, hence the price after discount is RM100, seems like it become cheaper, right? However, the cleaning fee and service fee are not included yet. After added the cleaning fee and service fee the net price is now RM169. Have you realized what is the cleaning fee and service fee? Will you ever feel confused that “why is this platform charging me a lot of additional fees and not showing the final price directly?”. Let me explain to you.

Firstly, the room’s price after discount is RM100, this is the base price. Secondly, the owner of the homestay needs to cover the cleaning cost, like the wages of cleaners and laundry supplies. To cover this cleaning fee RM50 had been charged. Lastly, the OTA platform will charge RM19 service fees in order to offer full-time, which is 24hours in a week’s service on the platform. In conclusion, the total price is RM169/per night. Although the price was discounted first, the cleaning fee and service fee are still hefty hence the final price is still high.

Don’t worry, DirectBookBNB has solved this problem for you. What is DirectBookBNB?

DirectBookBNB is a new concept introduced by StudioBnb. When you book directly with us, the price you see on our website is nett and there is no cleaning fee and service fee. We can see there is a comparison in the picture. The other platform has a lower base price, but are you always disappointed when you see the cleaning fee and service fee? Are you feeling annoyed by it? DirectBookBNB not only promise “no cleaning fee and no service fee”, but also give an additional 10% discount.

We promise you will get more value for the same travel budget with the same quality homestay. You can use the savings you get from the room price on some nice food, drinks, and other stuff. Be smart in managing your travel budget, DirectBookBNB now at www.studiobnb.com.my.MYR

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