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Bukit Tinggi

What things to do in Bukit Tinggi?

Bukit Tinggi Highlands is located 2500 ft above the sea level in Pahang. The cold weather up there makes it a best spot to escape from the warm and humid Malaysian climate. Besides, Bukit Tinggi offers a quiet stay in the picturesque stylish resort besides providing a fun eco-recreational activity for nature lovers and adventure […]

Places to Visit in Kuala Lumpur

14 Places to Visit in Kuala Lumpur for 3D2N

School holiday is around the corner, let’s have a short getaway in Kuala Lumpur to relax and have a good time with family and friends! To avoid traffic jams that might drag our precious travelling time, places that are reachable by public transport would be the best spot to travel. Let us have a look […]

Romantic Homestay To Spend Your Valentine’s Day.

If you forgot what 14th February meant, you may get into trouble. Don’t miss this date out, make a plan to surprise your lover now. Homestay is a good idea for you to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your lover. Here are the homestay recommended. 1. Eko Cheras This homestay nearby Taman Mutiara MRT Station. The […]

5 Snack Food Restaurants In Eko Cheras

Are you a snack lover?  Here are several snack restaurants that you must try in Eko Cheras.  1.Devil Chicken Malaysia When you see the black devil logo, you have arrived at the Devil Chicken shop. The famous fried chicken in Taiwan night market, you can enjoy it at Eko Cheras now. The crispy crust and […]

Special Modern Beverage and Bubble Tea in Melaka

Are you bored of the common tea brands on the street? Let’s explore some of the new stylish tea shops in Melaka. Visit the historical Melaka and drink bubble tea at the same time. Let’s see what do we have here: 1. Gax 搞茶 Would you like to challenge yourself with a DIY special taste? […]