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Malaysian Must Know: The 5 Malaysian Cuisine

Never ate 5 of the local food? Represented you never have been to Malaysia! Look at those Malaysian’s cuisine, will they make your mouth-watering?

1.Nasi Lemak

Boiled egg, Ikan Bilis, Sambal, toasted peanuts and cucumber accompany by the rice which boiled with coconut milk and pandan leaf. This is nasi lemak, the most famous Malay-style breakfast in Malaysia. Sometime, we will add on fried chicken, beef rendang, prawn and others to make it plentiful.

Photo Credit: doctorwhocooks

2.Bak Kut Teh

Bak Kut Teh is Hokkein languages, translate meaning is “meat bone tea”. The traditional Chinese herbals soup and pork meat had put into the casserole. Eat with fried dough stick will make it perfect. Meat lovers must not miss this dish.

Photo Credit: liawsanna

3.Roti Canai

The most famous Indian-style breakfast in Malaysia. Cheap and delicious road street snacks. You can add on egg, milo, banana, and others inside and then dig with delicious spicy sauce or Sambal. Enjoy it in “Mamak” right now.

Photo Credit: eurasianfoodie


Laksa is a type of spicy noodles in Malaysia. The rich soup tanning by Asam and fresh coconut milk. Also, there are two kinds of Laksa, which are Curry Laksa and Asam Laksa. Asam Laksa will be more sour. Curry Laksa will be more spicy. Sour and spicy, which is your favorite?

Photo Credit: the_littlepantry


Cendol is a dessert made by the green rice flour jelly and coconut milk. There is a good dessert for the hot weather. Otherwise, Cendol has expanded many new receipts like Cendol Durian dan Cendol Special. Feeling hot? Drink it.

Photo Credit: the_eating_buddies

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