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Pick up your camera, we want to go Kwai Chai Hong (鬼仔巷) now!

“Kwai Chai” is Cantonese pronunciation means the naughty children that called by the people who stay in this alley. This tourist attraction located between Lorong Panggung and Jalan Petaling. When you first see the yellow and blue walls, you can start your Instagrammable work, take out your camera and you have arrived Kwai Chai Hong!

Photo Credit: fionlovelife

Wall paint

Try to explore the 6 different wall paint that painted to describe 6 different stories. Don’t just take photos and miss the gem. There is a QR code beside each wall paint, you can hear the immersive voice that comes from another century. For example, if you scan this Erhu Uncle wall paint’s QR code, you can hear the Erhu voice and deeply feel the story of the back.

Photo Credit: iam_emilylim
Photo Credit: charlesteh99

Also, there is a grocery stall beside the alley to sell the old-style snack and old magazine. Have any of these snacks or old magazine brought you back to your childhood memories?

Photo Credit: cleomsia

Sometime, you may see the landlady(包租婆) actor around the wall paint and staring at you angrily.

Photo Credit: cleomsia

Insta-worthy Cafe

Besides that, don’t just simply snap photos with the wall paint, you may also try to snap with the food, there are some restaurants nearby Kwai Chai Hong that has modern and cultural elements. Here are some recommended restaurants.

Restoran Bunn Choon (品泉)

Restoran Bunn Choon is famous for its egg tart. If you prefer Chinese food taste you may try this restaurant.

Photo Credit: stanntan

Ho Kow Hainanese Kopitiam (何九海南茶店)

All people coming to this restaurant will read their newspaper, this is because the newspaper is their menu. Not only that, you can capture some Insta-worthy photos with the retro-style grocery background.

Photo Credit: 77.food

Pandan Republic (青青)

If you like to taste Chinese “lei cha” and tea cake, this restaurant may hit your taste. They present the traditional food with a new outlook, for example they made the tea cake to become a cute rabbit, can you bear to eat them?

Photo Credit: kl.now

Lim Kee Cafe

Coffee time! A nice coffee makes a great day. This Cafe presents its coffee with the perfect latte art.

Photo Credit: limkeecafe

LOKL Coffee Co

Would you like to taste some western food? This is a good choice for you, LOKL Coffee Co is a Cafe that serves American cuisine French cuisine, Colonial Hainanese dishes, and old family recipes. Grab it as you want.

Photo Credit: weijen_

Festival Event

Kwai Chai Hong had celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival, which is named the theme “Moonlight in the city”. A stunning 10-foot moon was displayed to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. Always check the coming festival before you go, it may surprise you. One way is to check their Facebook page to know more event information.

Photo Credit: merrie_22

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