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Special Modern Beverage and Bubble Tea in Melaka

Are you bored of the common tea brands on the street? Let’s explore some of the new stylish tea shops in Melaka. Visit the historical Melaka and drink bubble tea at the same time. Let’s see what do we have here:

1. Gax 搞茶

Photo Credit: gaxmalaysia

Would you like to challenge yourself with a DIY special taste? Yeah, here is a place for you. You can select the element of the tea you want. There are 7 steps for you to personalise your tea. Also, the interior design of the shop is Insta-worthy, don’t forget to snap a photo with your tea.

2. The Monarch Tea 将军令 

Photo Credit: themonarchtea_melaka

This boba tea brand comes from Taiwan. You can taste different types of fruit tea and boba there. The shop decoration is full with a lot of Chinese elements, like dragon and Chinese poet. Don’t forget to snap a photo with the Dragon Throne.

3. OneZo Malaysia 丸作

Photo Credit: yelpoc

“OneZo” means making the boba in Chinese language. The normal boba in the tea is black color with brown sugar. However, this brand offers special boba which come with different colors and tastes. The different taste of boba may bring you a whole new different experience of Boba tea.

4. I’Milky Malaysia 沐白小農

Photo Credit: gojohor.eatplayfun

This brand offers a Taiwanese favorite milk tea. The traditional Taiwanese element like grass jelly and taro balls are included. Do you remember the classic Taiwanese milk tea taste? Let’s recap the taste. 

5. Maegeo每角间

Photo Credit: maegeo.my

Yeah, there are two reasons to prove the shop is suitable for girls. Firstly, the decoration is full of pink and flower, very suitable to grab some Insta-worthy picture. Secondly, they are offering flower tea, the taste is fresh and suitable for girls to avoid overweight. The girls who are hoping to enjoy tea and maintain your weight, must not miss this out.

Which is your cup of tea? Grab it now.

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