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The Hidden Gem: Oozes Retro Charm’s Malacca Homestay – Knock Knock Villa by Cobnb

As we all know, Malacca is a city rich in historical value. When we walk in this city, we might try to slow our steps down and deeply feel the culture. Rather than hotels, homestay is more recommended, because homestay has more features and is stylish. “Knock Knock Villa“, the name sounds like when you visit your friend’s house, you may knock the door and say hi to the owner. Also, this cute name is a resemblance of how passionate and welcoming is the owner to people who visit his house. Besides, the owner is a very detailed person because he is acutely aware of each detail. If you read the following paragraphs, you will agree with my point.

Insta-worthy Interior: crash between Natural and Eco-Retro style

You can already smell the cultural taste when you walk in this villa. The wall is decorated with a lot of old-stylish photographs and also antique figurines. There are all left from previous century.

Front door

The antique figurines that draw with refine art.

Compare to fluorescent light, the owner believes that the natural luminosity from the sunlight is more suitable and comfortable. Although the sunlight directly coming down from the patio, the whole villa still cool and refreshing. 

The living room is spread with Bohemia style carpet and layout with simple style sofas. There is a bookshelf next to the sofa, the visitors can enjoy this comfort reading zone. 

There are several languages books on the bookshelf. Put down your smartphone, feel free to read one. How long didn’t you enjoy a book with a coffee in your busy life? 

These television and cameras are considered antiques. Can you imagine how difficult it was to find the right television program channel in the past? Also, the black and white screen and photos were the precious memories from the old generation.

This dining hall which is beside the kitchen comes with a wood stump table and the first James Bond film poster, Dr.No. We can also see the furniture that was renewed by the old had been contained. The dishes were prepared with traditional refine art, you will enjoy cooking and the way the plates present with those dishes.

Another noteworthy part is the place for tea time and chit chat, which was built with brickyard. The decoration is consistent with eco and natural ideas. Renew the old and stay natural. The owner was very creative, he realized the potential of old bathtubs and glasses and made them become a tea table. Also, there is a traditional bell on the ceiling. This is a good idea to hear the bell and enjoy the breezes from the wall holes with a nice tea in the leisure evening, right?

Have you even took a bath in an open bathroom? Inside one of the ground floor bedrooms, there is a bathroom specially designed with no ceiling and full of green. You can enjoy the sunlight and green’s freshness at the same time. Of course, this type of bathroom only one unit, the other bathrooms are normal bathrooms.

All the bedrooms and bathrooms contained retro and traditional decoration. Every detail in this homestay is a carefully and perfectly matched combination, staying in this villa will be enjoyable and leisurely. Stay here a day to enjoy the retro and special charm from this villa.


Nearby tourist attraction-Jonker Street

This homestay is very near to Jonker Walk and just within 5 minutes’ walk distance. You can grab a nice food from there easily. Although it is very near to Jonker street, it is still quiet and cosy, don’t worry the noise will bother you.

Free Parking

The homestay included enough parking for all the visitors. You do not need to worry about your car and extra parking fees.


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Adults: 10

Booking website: https://www.studiobnb.com.my/?page_id=1701

Amenities: Air-Conditioning, Cooking Utensil, Free Parking, Free Wi-Fi, Hairdryer

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