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4 Best Things to Do in Bukit Tinggi

Bukit Tinggi

Bukit Tinggi Highlands is located 2500 ft above the sea level in Pahang. The cold weather up there makes it a best spot to escape from the warm and humid Malaysian climate. Besides, Bukit Tinggi offers a quiet stay in the picturesque stylish resort besides providing a fun eco-recreational activity for nature lovers and adventure seekers that is surrounded by the tropical lush rainforest.

Colmar Tropicale French Village 

Colmar Tropicale
Image Source: Malaysia Asia Travel Blog

Colmar Tropicale French Village features a medieval French themed village of quaint design lined with colourful timber-framed townhouses that envelop a inner courtyard. Even if it is a central hotel, it is also a tourist attraction that is open to the public with a certain amount of entrance fees. In the open space, you could enjoy several activities, like dance performance, fun fair games and clowns. Other than that, you could also find beautiful swans there! The colourful place could also be one of the best places for photo shooting. 

Location: 3.400825,101.8374501

Japanese Village

Japanese Village
Image Source: Roam Bear

You can get to the Japanese Village by car or by shuttle rides from Colmar Tropicale, just a 5 minutes ride will do. Japanese Village consists of Japanese Tea House, Botanical Garden, Tatami Spa and also Ume Tatami Suite and Ryo Zan Tei Restaurant. Besides, you can also explore the rock pools, koi ponds, flower garden inside the Japanese Village. For a better experience, you can rent a kimono at the shops available there. The Japanese Tea House also conducts a Japan traditional tea ceremony several times daily, you could experience it if you have time to spare. 

Location: 3.4195074,101.8397373

Colmar Adventure Park

Colmar Adventure Park
Image Source: Amiruddin Zainal 

This is the best spot for adventurous tourists in Bukit Tinggi. Consist of the longest flying fox trails in SouthEast Asia that shoots along the rainforest. It is worth a try as you will be gliding and swinging through the fresh air above the rainforest. For more adrenaline-surging activities, visitors can try rock climbing or abseiling down an artificial rock face along the main road. Finally, there’s a paintball area hidden in the countryside that simulates warfare with guns that shoot paint-filled pellets.

Location: 3.4092682,101.8371892

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden
Image Source: Berjaya Hills

The Botanical Garden is located inside the Japanese Village. If you have extra time you should have a walk here to breathe in more fresh air, to relax your mind and your soul. Consists of a variety of flora and fauna, worth it for families with children to have a small adventure to know about more species in nature. Sometimes it will also give you some surprise, look out for small animals and special insects while you walk into it!

Recommended Place to live while travel to Bukit Tinggi: Redhouse

Entrance Fees: (the entrance fees are included the passes to Japanese Village, Botanical Garden)

  •  RM16 for adults and 
  • RM9 for children (4 – 12)

Way to get there:  

  • shuttle service from Berjaya Times Square in Bukit Bintang and tickets are priced at RM55 for adults and RM50 for children for a return journey (inclusive of entrance fee for Colmar Tropicale and Japanese Village). Alternatively, visitors can opt for hotel transfer services at Genting Highlands, KLIA, and Petaling Jaya.
  • 45-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur city centre

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